4 Crucial questions your builder Does not want you to ask

Questions your builder DOESNT want you to ask

Be the most educated buyer your builder has ever met by asking them these crucial questions!

Building your first home, you’ll no doubt have hundreds of questions to ask your builder, But what questions really matter and have huge impact on the quality and finish of your future family home? Read below for 4 extremely practical questions that are guaranteed to make or break you new home build!!

1. Am I able to customise my floor plan? If not, why?

No matter who you are, you wouldn’t want your home to be identical to the one on its right, and its left… It’s important to find out if your home builder works on mass production or is a flexible custom builder. Mass production homes are built in huge quantities with short build times as priority, it can be great to get your house built in a flash, but this is rarely possible without sacrificing on quality and design options. Selecting a custom home builder means that the drafts-team is usually in house, this allows total flexibility on your home design. True custom home builders allow you to BYO floor plan for a house like no other. As you can imagine, picking a custom home builder may increase the build time, however, depending on the builder, it also means greater attention to detail and no cutting corners to meet deadlines. If there’s anything worth waiting for, it’s ensuring your hard earned home is built with utmost care and your personal touch.

2. Who Is The Trades-Team Working For Your Builder?

The Home consultant you have a relationship with will most likely not be building your house, its crucial to understand the relationship of your builder and their trades-team. Find out if they’re sub-contractors, how long the trades-team has been in their industry? It’s even worth asking to see the quality of home finishes produced by the trades-team that will be working on your home – as you can imagine, builders put their best into display homes so don’t just assume the quality will be the same in your home.

3. How Long Has The Trades-Team Been Working With X Builder?

You wouldn’t trust just anyone to plan your wedding, so why do we do this for our home build?? The relationship between your builder and their trades-team is guaranteed to make or break your dream home, this is a must ask! Ensure that your builder has a great longstanding relationship with their trades-team! If your builder sub-contracts to many different teams or even one-off jobs the trades-team will have no real obligation of a quality standard for the homes they build, meaning yours could be rushed over. Finding a home builder with a longstanding relationship means your builder trusts their team to consistently deliver great quality homes and in most cases these builders are the ones who let you make structural changes to floorplans, Bonus!! Bella’s has been working with their trades-team for 20 years, and we strongly believe the quality of our homes is reflected by this.

4. How Often Do You Change Your Site Supervisors?

Your site supervisor has huge influence on the build quality of your new home so its crucial to know the retention or stability of the supervisor overseeing your home build. The last thing you want is for the builder to cycle through 3 different site supervisors in the span of building your house, this could lead to noticeable differences in quality or communication.

Asking your home builder these specific questions is sure to raise their eyebrows at your level of research and understanding, telling them that you’re an educated buyer. Building your first home shouldn’t be daunting but exciting! The answers to these questions will give you a great understanding of unspoken factors that can hugely impact the enjoyability of creating your future home.

Have questions or want some more in-depth tips? Don’t be afraid to reach us on social media, if you want expert advice at no cost, pop into our display homes where our home consultants are heavily equipped with industry secrets and advice!

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