Tessa Bezuidenhout

New Home Consultant

About Tessa Bezuidenhout

Tessa is a New Home Sales Consultant with nearly a decade of experience in the real estate and construction.

With a passion for new homes and a commitment to exceptional customer service, Tessa is dedicated to ensuring that the home-building process is enjoyable, effortless, and devoid of unnecessary stress. She understands that constructing a home is a significant milestone for individuals and families alike, and she goes above and beyond to make the journey a positive and memorable experience for each client.

Equipped with her qualifications in communications, building design, and interior design, Tessa has developed a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in bringing a vision to life. She possesses the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with clients, architects, builders, and other stakeholders, ensuring that the design and construction process is seamless and aligns perfectly with the clients’ desires.

Not only does Tessa excel in designing and constructing custom homes, but she also possesses comprehensive knowledge of property investment. She has successfully assisted numerous clients in finding the ideal combination of location, design, and lifestyle with house

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