The Custom Home of Your Dreams

Naturally, building the home of your dreams requires much customisation, refining & personal touch. For a lot of builders, this just isn't possible. Even if it is you might end up with a bill much larger than your pre-approved mortgage, then what?

"Everyone wants to be proud of their home..."

We understand that when you come to Bella, you're after a home that you can be proud of. So we've put a lot of work into becoming Qld's ideal custom home builder. We offer completely custom builds using your own designs or ours to create the perfect unique home specifically tailored for your block of land.

Why Build Custom?

Why Build Custom?

Is a custom home builder more expensive?

Contrary to what you might think, building a custom home with Bella is quite affordable. We offer fixed price contracts which lock in the price of a build for no scary surprises at finance time.

Is it more work?

Building a custom home can be quite simple. We have an extremely experienced team who will guide you at every stage. We will review your land covenants, draw a plan based off your needs and offer expert advice when needed.

Custom Homes is our Specialty


Customise Our Plans

We offer the ability to totally customise our catalog of home designs for your liking. We allow structural changes!


In-house Draftsteam

Our In-house Draftsteam is ready to draw up a home plan just for you. In-house means we can have direct and easy oversight of your home plans and offer suggestions/improvements.

Custom home builder floor plan

BYO Floor Plans

Want a home like no other? We're confident that we can build that. Bring us your plans and watch your dreams come true

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Fixed Price Contract

As a custom home builder we love stability and security where we can have it, so we offer a fixed price contract. Fixed price contract means your final cost of building won't be a surprise!

custom home build to land

We Build for your land

We specialise in building to complement your land and design custom plans to suit the scenery and topography.


40 Years Experience

With over 40 years industry experience from Bella's Directors, you know your home is in the right hands. Proud of our structural abilities we offer a 50 yr slab guarantee.

Schedule Your Custom Home Consultation

So we can allocate your request to your nearest home consultant expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

the great thing about building custom is that you have a lot of control when it comes to keeping things within your budget! As a custom home builder we work closely alongside our clients to create solutions for every budget.

If you have received custom plans from elsewhere we can use them! Otherwise we have our in-house team who can work with you to draw out the home of your dreams, for no extra cost!

At Bella, we offer plan customisation and edits as complementary! So no cost as long as you build with us!

Absolutely! Just like building a house from a plan or buying new – you may be eligible to get the FHOG for your custom home also. Check out this link for more info. 

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