Display Home Visits Made Simple: Our Top Tips

Display Home Visits Made Simple: Our Top Tips

You’re finally ready to start seriously looking for your dream home. Visiting display homes is the perfect next step, but it can feel overwhelming if you don’t go in with a plan. The good news is that with some simple preparation and focus, you can get the most out of display home visits and gather all the details you need to find your ideal home. In this article, we’ll walk through top tips to maximise your display home visits, from doing your homework beforehand to asking the right questions during the tour. You’ll learn key areas to pay attention to when walking through model homes and clever strategies to reflect on each home afterwards. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll feel informed, empowered, and excited to begin your display home visits. The first step? Make a wish list of must-have features so you can zero in on homes that match your needs. Then, let’s look at how to evaluate kitchen layouts, storage, and more when touring model homes. You’ll be ready to take pages of notes and narrow down the perfect home for you in no time.

Preparing for Your Display Home Visit

Do Your Research

Before heading out to view display homes, spend time researching builders and available house designs. Check out their websites to get a sense of available floor plans and specifications. This will help determine which display homes best match your needs and budget. You’ll go into your visit with a targeted list, ready to evaluate the options that interest you most.

Create a Must-Have List

Decide on your essentials – things like number of bedrooms, an open-plan living area or a separate lounge room, lots of storage or a double garage. Note them down so you can determine if the homes you view meet your requirements. Don’t get distracted by flashy extras if the fundamentals aren’t right.

Ask the Right Questions

Prepare a list of questions you want to ask the new home consultants regarding things like modifications to floor plans, what’s included in the price, additional costs, delivery timeframes and more. The more you understand upfront about what you’re buying, the less chance of surprises down the track.

What to Focus on During the Display Home Visit

The Floor Plan

Pay close attention to the layout and flow of rooms in the home. Consider how the floor plan suits your needs and lifestyle. Are the living areas open plan or separated? How many bedrooms and bathrooms are there? Is there a separate laundry or office space? Evaluating how you and your family will utilise the available space is key.

Quality of Finishes

Inspect the quality and details of finishes like flooring, cabinets, countertops, lighting fixtures, and hardware. Look for signs of high-quality, durable materials that fit your design preferences. Run your hands along counters and cabinets to check for smooth finishes. Flip light switches to ensure all fixtures are functioning properly. The little details matter and provide clues to the overall craftsmanship.

Interacting with Consultants

Don’t be afraid to ask the new home consultants questions about anything that is unclear or of interest. They can provide insights into the specific home and builder, details on inclusions, and options for customising and upgrading. Discuss the total costs involved in the displayed home and what may be an additional charge. The more you engage with the consultants, the more you will learn.

Interacting with Consultants

Find out exactly what features and fittings come standard with the home and which are considered upgrades. This helps determine what you may need to budget for to achieve your perfect home. Some builders include high-quality stainless steel appliances, stone benchtops, and flooring, while others provide more basic inclusions. Be sure to get a comprehensive list of what is and isn’t included before you leave.

With the right focus, a display home visit can be extremely valuable. Paying attention to the key details, interacting with the consultants, and understanding what’s included will ensure you gather all the information needed to determine if the home and builder meet your needs.

Interacting With New Home Consultants

Meeting with the new home consultants during your display home visit is invaluable. These consultants are experts on the homes you’re viewing and can provide insights that help determine if a particular house is right for you.

Ask Lots of Questions

Don’t be shy—ask the consultants any questions you have about the floor plan, features, or design. They’re there to help explain the details and will likely appreciate your enthusiasm. Some good questions to ask include:

  • Can this floor plan be modified or customized? If so, how much would changes cost?

  • What energy-efficient features does this home offer? How will that impact utility bills?

  • What upgrades or extras are included as standard? What would be considered an upgrade?

  • How long has this style of home been built? Have there been any issues reported by other owners?


Discuss Your Priorities

Share your must-haves, priorities and concerns with the consultants. Explain what you’re looking for in a new home so they can point out specific features that meet your needs. Be open to their suggestions—they may highlight options you hadn’t considered. Their recommendations can help determine if this is the right home for your situation.

Frequently asked Q's

Display Home Visits FAQs

It’s best to allocate at least 30-45 minutes per display home to thoroughly view it and speak with the new home consultants. Rushing through many display homes in a short period of time will likely overwhelm you and make it hard to compare options properly. Take your time exploring each home.


Don’t be afraid to ask the new home consultants any questions you may have. Some important ones include:

  • What customizations or modifications can be made to the floor plan or facade? Builders often allow certain changes to suit your needs.

  • What is included as standard in the home and what would be considered an upgrade? Get a full list of specifications and inclusions.

  • Are there any current incentives, bonuses or promotions being offered on this home? You may be able to take advantage of a good deal.

  • How much does a home like this cost? While the consultant may not give an exact price, they can provide a rough price range or starting price.

Yes, if possible. Having other perspectives will allow you to make a more informed decision. Your family or friends may notice things you miss or have different priorities. Discussing the homes together after the visit will also help determine what you each liked best.

Review any notes, photos, or brochures you collected from the display homes. Compare the pros and cons of the different options based on your must-haves and budget. Determine if there are any homes you’d like to revisit. Speaking with a mortgage broker can also help define your price range before making a final decision.

Visiting display homes should be an exciting and enjoyable experience as you explore possible options for your new home. By going in with the right mindset and prepared with these tips, you’ll feel empowered to find a home that checks all the boxes for your needs and budget. Happy house hunting!

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