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We have 100+ home designs to suit any block of land. From family tailored designs to Investor optimised floor plans you’ll find countless options below.

As custom home builders, we offer the ability to bring your own floor plans or even have one created by our in-house drafts-team completely free! 

Explore our

Home Designs

We have a great article on what to consider when choosing your home design here! 


Choosing your home design is the perfect time to get your needs & wants in order with your new home, we always recommend speaking with our home consultants located at our display homes to get their free expertise.

Home design styles refer to the type of house you will be building, this can be a: Single storey, Double storey, Acreage, Narrow block, Split-level etc…

An Acreage home design is suited for land that starts at 1 acre, these home designs utilise the long frontage for a wider facade which helps the home fit aesthetically on your large block of land.

Split level home designs are created for sloping or uneven blocks of land, they are created to work with the topography of the land and create a seamless and functional space on difficult blocks of land.

Narrow Block designs are created to maximise the space within a small frontage home, usually homes with 9-12m as available frontage space. These designs make the most of narrow lots by extending the home throughout the block and using open plan living/kitchen/dining areas for a more spacious feel.

As a custom home builder, we allow you to bring your drawn up plans or even a sketch to our home consultants, who, with the help of our drafts-team can turn your ideas into a functional floor plan created by you!

We offer customisations and structural changes to all our home designs, it’s best to speak to our home consultants to learn about the specifics for each plan but you’ll find us very accomodating. 

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