House & Land Packages The Complete Guide

House and land packages offer a streamlined approach to owning your dream home. You’ll learn how these land packages work, their advantages such as potential stamp duty concessions on the land component, and how they can simplify the home building process. We will also delve into what a typical house design in such a package offers.

What Is a House & Land Package?

It involves purchasing a block of land within a planned community or estate, and then choosing a customisable home design to be constructed on that site.

The Pros & The Cons

There is one thing house and land packages do that makes them great, they’re an easy solution to getting your home built quickly. These package offerings are tailor made to suit a pre existing and available block of land, usually within popular land estates to support their value with existing infrastructure or promising development plans.

Most house and land packages have been carefully curated to include all the necessary costings of building on it’s allocated land, things like site costs & sizing requirements have been accounted for. This allows the price to be transparent so there shouldn’t be much additional costs unless there is changes to the plans.

While it can be a pro for some, house and land packages typically come with a pre-selected home design and floor plan to suit the block. Making it easy to lock in and start building, but for those wanting extra customisations – the prices and availabilities can change.

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Get the Lowdown on House and Land Packages

First home buyer or investor? House and land packages are an excellent option ‘done for you’ option in Brisbane’s property market. Here’s why:

Convenience is Key

With house and land packages, everything from choosing your block of land to designing your dream home is taken care of by professionals like us at Bella Homes. With house and land packages, the process is streamlined making it easier to build your dream home in Brisbane’s competitive real estate market. Most of our House and Land Packages are ‘Turn-key’ which means the price includes all the essentials for you or your tenants to be able to move in the day its ready!


House and land packages are often more affordable than buying an existing property in Brisbane’s real estate market, with new home build options starting from as little as $550K in high-demand Brisbane suburbs. We’re strict on pricing transparency so the price you see on each House & land is usually inclusive of all the ‘sneaky extras’ such as driveways, fencing, site costs etc… If you can’t find the perfect house & land option for you, don’t stress! each package developed by Bella allows floor plan changes (as long as it doesn’t interfere with the land), you’ll also love that our house floor plan customisations come at no extra cost*

Stamp Duty Savings

Purchasing a house and land package may also save you money on stamp duty as this tax is typically only applied to the value of the vacant land before construction begins. By making the most of the current Government grants, first home buyers can also skip all the stamp duty on properties valued under $650K, while properties between $650K-$800K will have reduced costs.

Tailored to You

Bella Homes specialises in creating unique homes tailored to our clients’ specific requirements. If flexibility in design is important to you, simply enquire on our available packages to learn about changing floor plans or home designs on your lot!

These are just some reasons why house and land packages are a popular choice for those entering Brisbane’s housing market.

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Location, Location, Location

Whether you’re set on building your forever home or your first, location is always important. There’s plenty of booming suburbs in Greater Brisbane that have both connectivity to key areas such as Brisbane CBD or Ipswich CBD. We always prefer land developments or suburbs with current infrastructure along with promising future plans or a ‘master plan’ for the area. You’ll find most of our house and land packages to be situated in well known or soon to boom, land estates around greater Brisbane, with plenty of current & future infrastructure.

Inclusions & Upgrades

Understand what’s included in standard packages versus optional upgrades, with the overwhelming number of options and upgrades available with builders, it’s good to have a strong idea of what fixtures are paramount to your next home. Having this list will allow you to easily navigate through house and land options by reading their inclusions and crossing off those that don’t suit – You’ll find our inclusions packages value packed for home builders and as a custom builder we also allow for some changes where we can accomodate.

House & land Packages For investors

House & Land packages in Brisbane are a strong choice for QLD and Interstate investors alike, some offering Turn-key or Tenant Ready packages. These packages will usually include everything you need to get tenants in the door with a transparent price to keep any expensive surprises away. As an Investor, it’s always about location, which is why we recommend speaking to our home consultants who can give you a run down of Queenslands best suburbs for you depending on your investment home needs.

Understand the Process

Pick Your Design

Your new home starts with getting the design right. We have a great blog on picking your home design that we recommend you read when you get to this stage 

Sign the Contract

Before signing the contract, ensure that you’ve read thoroughly and understand it, upon being presented the contract you’ll have the chance to ask questions to your new home consultant and get the clarity you need. Understand that the contract must be sent out for approvals both internally and through council so changes after this time are costly and can create time delays.

Get Council Approvals & Permits

Your builder should handle obtaining necessary council approvals and permits, but make sure to ask your home consultant if you have questions.

The Construction Phase

During this phase, your builder will turn dreams into reality. There’s plenty that goes on both behind the scenes and on your land during the construction process, so don’t stress when there’s not always visible progress on your site and understand that like all good things, your new home will take time. If you are curious about your home progress or stages, your home consultants can always help out.

Are House & Land Packages For You?

Thinking of entering the property market? Wondering if a house and land package is right for you? These properties offer benefits to various buyers, from first home owners to seasoned investors.

First Home Buyers

A house and land package is an excellent option for first home buyers. You get a brand-new dwelling in an up-and-coming neighbourhood at a set price. Plus, you may be eligible for government grants like Queensland’s First Home Owners’ Grant. Score.

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Moving Up The Property Ladder

For those looking towards their next purchase, house and land packages present attractive opportunities. The streamlined process saves time and reduces stress levels. Plus, Bella Homes offers flexible designs that cater to your needs. Talk about a perfect match.

In it For Investment?

Investors, listen up. House and land packages are tenant-ready and hassle-free. Plus, if chosen wisely within high-growth blue-chip locations, long-term capital gains could prove quite lucrative.

  • Tenant-ready: No need for additional renovations or improvements before tenants move in.
  • Hassle-Free Management: Working with one trusted company ensures fewer complications during construction phase, saving valuable resources.
  • Potential High Returns: Long-term capital gains could prove quite lucrative, making them ideal additions within any balanced real estate investment strategy.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, moving upmarket, or seeking reliable income streams, there’s something for everyone with house and land packages. Just remember to conduct thorough research before committing financially. At Bella Homes, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service alongside top-tier products designed specifically for you. So why wait? Begin dreaming bigger starting now.

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