The Build Process

Theres no feeling like building a new home for the first time. Let us guide you through what takes place when you’re getting started.

We know building a home can be daunting - so we simplified the process below


Finding the perfect location

Are you finding land? have land already? or are you looking at our House & Land packages? - Come get a tour of our display homes and start gathering inspiration.


come visit your experienced home consultant

Whether you have your own land or are seeking our simple House & Land Solutions - our home experts can review your land choice and building guidelines and help you match it with our endless design options.


Land testing

Once you are happy with the plan, inclusions, promotions and us - we can then begin a preliminary agreement with a deposit of $2,500. This is to cover tests including: Soil test, Contour survey & your home drawings. This can take a week to prepare (time may vary based on the number of changes you request).


Love your design?

After confirming the designs and testing we can order you a fixed price HIA contract which will take about 3-5 days and is subject to finance.


securing finance

Once you have your HIA contract its up to you and your lender to secure finance and provide us with the approval letter and a 5% deposit.


House drawings

Once the 5% has been paid we will begin on a full set of working drawings, at this point we can't accomodate any more design changes so make sure to get those in earlier! This step can take about 3 weeks.


Start Counting

Once we have received approval we will notify you and begin the building process!


Getting Approved

After you agree to the working drawings we send them away for certifier and council approval, this can take up to 8 weeks. This is a great time to book in for colour selection at our headquarters!



Possibly the most exciting part of the process! Once your dream home is complete we want to be there to celebrate and give you the keys!


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