Beyond The Ordinary Ceiling: Why A Raked Ceiling Belongs In Your Next Home

If you’ve visited some of our display homes, you’ve probably walked into our living spaces and been taken back by the vast amounts of natural light and space there seems to be. What’s the secret? More than just house orientation and large windows, we use raked ceilings.

Raked ceilings (Or cathedral ceilings) have been a growing trend for good reason, not only do they provide generous amounts of natural light, instantly make any area feel more sophisticated and spacious, they’re also considered an architectural design feature which adds extra value to your home.

Origin And History

Raked ceilings have been around for centuries and were initially used in large cathedrals during medieval times. They made their way into residential architecture during the mid-20th century when architects started experimenting with unconventional home designs.

raked ceilings in coastal home

Your Next Home Needs Raked Ceilings

Before you finalise the plans on your next new home build, strike up a conversation about adding raked ceilings, heres why:

Versatility In Style

Rake-style roofs lend themselves well to a variety of interior styles, from classic to contemporary. This means they won’t restrict your future redecorating plans in any way, shape, or form. Their ability to make any room more spacious means you don’t have to be too scarce with furniture space.

raked ceilings and barn door coastal home inspiration

Eco-Friendly Design

Since raked ceilings allow more sunlight into rooms, they can reduce your dependence on electrical lights during the daytime hours. This makes them an environmentally friendly option too.

Natural Cooling Effect For The Summer Months

In hot climates like ours, the higher internal volumes created using this kind of structure can help keep temperatures down naturally. This leads to reduced reliance on expensive cooling systems during the summer months, saving you money in the long run.

coastal modern kitchen

All About Aesthetics

Raked ceilings add character and individuality to any room, making it stand out from regular flat-ceilinged spaces. The angled lines can add drama and sophistication while allowing for interesting interior furnishings and decor options.

Increase Space Perception

Raked ceilings create an illusion of more space within a room by drawing the eye upwards. This optical trick makes rooms appear larger than they actually are – a beneficial feature if you’re working with limited square footage on your land package house.

raked ceilings in modern coastal home

Natural Light Enhancement

The height provided by raked ceilings allows for better natural light penetration throughout the day. You can also install large windows or skylights at higher points in these areas which would be impossible with standard flat roofs. Increased sunlight not only reduces reliance on artificial lighting but also contributes positively to mental wellbeing.

Add Value To Your Home

A well-executed raked ceiling could increase the value of your property. With Raked ceilings considered an architectural feature in demand by many home seekers, adding this feature will make your home stand out with a luxury appeal.

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